How To Buy A Home

5 Key Things To Prepare You For Buying A Home!

5 Tips To Prepare You To Buy A Home!

1 : Know Your Budget 

Are you Pre Approved? In today's competitive real estate market. Having the best offer can be crucial when getting your bid accepted. Depending on your situation the minimum nonpayment can vary. Do you have a clear mortgage path to achieve your goals?

2: Credit Review

Do you know where your credit stands? For mortgage we have to look at the 3 credit burroughs (Experien, TransUnion, Equifax.) Then we use the middle score for to reflect your FICO. This is one of the main components when qualifying for a interest rate, and loan program. We willreview your FICO together to postion you in the best way possible.

3: Closing Costs

Many future homeowners are aware that they will need a downpayment, but a suprising number of borrowers are unfamiliar with closing costs. These include your title, escrow, and mortgage fee's. As well taxes, insurance, and misc items. On average these can vary from 2.5% - 4% of the purchase price, and in some cases can be paid for by the seller. 

4: Use A Rockstar Real Estate Agent

Did you know that the buyer does not pay for the real estate agents services? These are paid for by the seller!!! As a buyer their are great benefits to having a real estate professional in your corner. Buyers agents are trained negotiators who understand the ins & outs of the process. On top of having a extensive knowledge of the geographical area, and access to off-market listings. Buyers Agents play a crucial part in negotiating the best terms for their clients, and making sure all proper documentation is set in place to help protect their clients in the event of a cancelled escorw, etc.

5: Have A Plan

Buying a home can be a very exciting time!! Still it's important to not think with your emotions, and think about your longterm goals. Will you live in this house 5-10-30 years? Is it a forever home, or one that you will use as a stepping stone to get that house you truly desire! One thing is for certain, homeownership is the number one way to create generational wealth for your financial future for years to come. Like many great investments, thinking logically will give you best odds for success, and will help on deciding the best way to structure your new asset.

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