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Wanna Buy A House?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

I mean it, like seriously! Did you know that the average home owner has 40X the net worth of a individual who rents. (According To Keeping Current Matters.)

2020 catipulted this statistic into the next stratosphere with national appreciation up near 6.75%, with some of the fastest growing markets. (Phoenix, San Diego, Austin) over 10%. To put that into context let’s say you bought a home for $500k in 2019 with a minimum down conventional loan at 5% ($25k down.) Over one year that same house would have appreciated to $550k, add that with amortization. (the amount you pay towards principle vs interest.) Plus your down payment, and your net worth increased almost $100k. If we can start of thinking of money put towards principle, as money put into a savings account aka your house! It starts to make more sense.

With rent increasing National near 11%, owning a home has never made more sense. Many nay-sayers are speculating a crash coming soon. While I don’t have a crystal ball economic, and housing statistics are saying something different. See the dramtic increase in appreciation has been caused by limited housing inventory. YTD we have 20% less homes for sale, than we did in 2020. Think of a popular sold out concert with a limited amount of tickets. These tickets will go at a premium until more tickets come to the market. Same idea goes for housing, while I don’t believe housing will appreiate at such a fast rate, the gains will still be significant.

Bottom Line

As the saying goes “don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.” With interest rates near record lows, now you may be able to afford a home a little more expensive than in the past, as your monthly payment will be less than with a higher interest rate. Start creating wealth, and building a future for your family by getting in contact today, or hitting the APPLY NOW button on this website.

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