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WFH? How The Pandemic Changed The Idea Of Working From Home Possibly Forever!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

2020 was a year that truly changed the world. Although there were many negative drawbacks about the pandemic one thing that was catapulted into a positive new stratosphere is the adoption of working from home. At the beginning of Covid-19 many thought the shut downs would only last a few months, here we are a year later with still many individuals across the country working from home.

The boundary between personal & work life have become blurred. Imagine that first zoom call, compared to the 1000th zoom call you had. I know for myself it has become more, and more common to have a dog jump into the picture, or a child pop into the room, or an embarrassing moment pop up that we can all laugh about later. This adoption has made us more vulnerable to allow co-workers, and clients alike see into our personal lives. I believe it's for the better. We are all human, while we need that face to face interaction the idea of everybody hopping on a face to face call (no matter where you are, or what you are wearing...) has become such a awesome experience.

In my line of work "the mortgage industry" we have an image of a fat banker wearing a suit, and tie stamping approvals. Although this image has been rapidly changing due to more progressive companies, and employers adapting to the times. We can't help but accept that the pandemic has helped kick this into high gear. In the end we all want to feel special, and be able to trust the person we are communicating with on the other line. I personally don't ever think to myself what type of office they are sitting in. Knowledge, experience, and personality are 3 keys to success that go way beyond the desk you might be sitting behind. Many employers are starting to see this, and are adapting a new model of thinking allowing more flexibility on when, and where you have to work. After all isn't the goal the same for any business looking to succeed? Results?

These are my personal opinions, but one thing I know for sure is no matter where I am, no matter what I am wearing, I will always strive to give my clients transparency, service, and a great customer experience.

- Cache Nies

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